Oswestry and District Fairtrade Group


The official launch was held in the Guildhall in July 2006 when the two mayors, Councillors Martin Bennett and Bill Keable, and the North Shropshire MP, Owen Paterson, paid tribute to the town for its excellent support for farmers both in the developing world and locally.

Oswestry has been a Fairtrade Town since May 2006 and was granted Fairtrade status following a campaign by Oswestry and District Fairtrade Group, together with support from the Town and Borough Councils, shops, cafes, churches, other community groups and the local press.


Support for Fairtrade has not only continued but has increased since then and Oswestry's Fairtrade Town status was officially renewed in 2007.  Oswestry is proud to be part of the Shropshire Fairtrade Coalition which has recently led a successful campaign to have the whole of Shropshire, Telford and The Wrekin declared a Fairtrade county.

Please read on about Fairtrade and where you can go to buy Fairtrade products in Oswestry.

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Where Can You Buy Fairtrade Products in Oswestry?

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Fairtrade guarantees a fair deal for producers in the poorest countries in the world.  We can make a big difference to these people’s lives by just going shopping.  For every £1 we give to poor countries in aid, £2 is lost because of unfair trade.  Fairtrade starts to put that right and it doesn’t rely on charity.

Here’s how it works.  Buying products that carry the Fairtrade mark has helped to lift millions of farmers, workers and their families out of dire poverty.  The Fairtrade mark is a watertight guarantee that they will be paid a fair price, thus enabling them to work their way out of poverty.  And it’s not just the money they earn.  Fairtrade builds wells for fresh water, gets children to school, ensures good working conditions, protects the environment and builds sustainable communities.



Our Fairtrade group is entirely voluntary and was formed in October 2004 with like-minded people, all passionate about Fairtrade.  We are delighted that Oswestry is now officially - and deservedly - a Fairtrade Town.  We have carried on working to increase awareness in Fairtrade. It is most pleasing that virtually all churches in Oswestry are involved in Fairtrade in one way or another and we are especially pleased that so are all schools.  Children, needless to say, are our most important "audience" and no one understands fairness more than they do.  

We are very grateful to the Co-op Community Dividend Scheme for its help in funding the group's Fairtrade activities.


For more information, please contact Val Talbot on (01691) 791310 or email val@daval.demon.co.uk 

Fairtrade Foundation: www.fairtrade.org.uk

Shropshire Fairtrade Coalition: www.shropshire-fairtrade.org.uk

Fairtrade Schools: www.shropshirebridges.org.uk


Fairtrade is growing fast, with sales increasing by over 50% every year.  The 4 most popular products are still tea, coffee, chocolate and bananas but the range is expanding all the time.  True, you sometimes have to pay a little more but if you saw the difference between a small Fairtrade farm and a pesticide soaked plantation with workers on starvation wages, you would be glad to pay the difference.  A significant recent development is that most of the larger supermarkets are now changing their own brands to Fairtrade - at exactly the same price as before.  Foremost are the Co-op Stores, Sainsbury's and Marks and Spencer, with very wide ranges. 

We are well blessed in Oswestry with a large number of shops selling Fairtrade products, together with an equally large number of catering outlets where you can stop and relax over a delicious Fairtrade drink. 





     Christian Bookshop






Co-op Castle Street 




Christian Bookshop, Lower Brook Street

Co-op, Castle Street 

Co-op, 1, Cabin Lane

Co-op, Victoria Street

Co-op are also in Gobowen and Pant

Derwen College shop, Gobowen

Honeysuckle, 53 Church Street

Marks and Spencer Simply Food

Momentum Wines at Maesbury Road Industrial Estate

Morrisons, Station Street

Sainsbury’s, Black Gate Street

Rowanthorn, (fairly traded goods), 4 Old Chapel Court, English Walls

Stan's Supermarket, St Martin's

The Gates, 49 Church Street (giftware and handcrafts)


















Aroma, Bailey Street

Booka Bookshop and Cafe, Church Street

Christian Bookshop, Lower Brook Street

Costa Coffee, The Cross

Denbighs Restaurant at the Orthopaedic Hospital, Gobowen

Gregg's Cafe, Church Street

Milano's, Old Chapel Court

Oswestry Library, Castle View

Pickles, Church Street

Shropshire Poacher, Heritage Centre

Willow Gallery, Willow Street

Wynnstay Hotel and Wilson's, Church Street

If you can’t find what you want, PLEASE ASK.  It is vital that shops and cafes know that we want to buy goods with the Fairtrade mark.

Download a paper copy of a guide to Fairtrade in Oswestry here


Aroma - Shropshire Star report


There are three bed and breakfasts in the Oswestry area which offer Fairtrade products to their guests and we hope that they will be joined by others in the future.

Peartree Cottage, Crickheath, Oswestry, SY10 8BJ (01691 830766)

The Old Rectory, 1 Glyn Road, Selattyn, SY10 7DH (01691 659708 maggie.barnes.b@btinternet.com)

The White House Vegetarian, Maesbury Marsh, SY10 8JA (01691 658524 whitehouse@maesburymarsh.co.uk)


Trade should be fair to all and we want to see fair remuneration for our own local farmers and producers.  Buying local produce helps to re-establish links between producers and consumers, to increase access to fresh, healthy food and drink and to reduce food miles.  We are lucky to have the opportunity to buy a wide and varied range from a number of outlets in Oswestry:

Country Market on Wednesday mornings in the Memorial Hall

Farmers’ Market on the last Friday in the month on the Outdoor Market

Honeysuckle, 53 Church Street

 For more information about Honeysuckle log on to its own website:



Ellesmere - Acorn Organics, Christian Bookshop, Co-op and Ellesmere Health Foods

Co-op, Gobowen

Co-op, Pant

Stan's Supermarket, St Martin's

League of Friends' shop at the Orthopaedic Hospital

Derwen College shop


Fairtrade Banana Chutney (makes 3lb/1.5kg)

12 Fairtrade bananas, chopped

1lb (0.5kg) green tomatoes, chopped

8oz (225g) onions, chopped

8oz (225g) Fairtrade seedless raisins

2 de-seeded green or red peppers, cut into thin strips

8oz (225g) Fairtrade brown sugar 

½ pint (275ml) vinegar

3 to 4 level teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon sweet paprika

Put all ingredients in pan and bring to boil, stirring.

Simmer gently, uncovered, until it is the consistency of jam (about 1½ to 2 hours).  Stir from time to time.

Keeps indefinitely and tastes delicious.




Fairtrade Chocolate Slices (makes 24)

1½ tablespoons Fairtrade cocoa

5oz (150g) margarine or butter

1½ tablespoons golden syrup

handful Fairtrade dried fruit (any)

4oz (100g) Fairtrade soft brown sugar

6oz (175g) rich tea biscuits, crushed

6oz (175g) Fairtrade chocolate 

Melt all ingredients, except for crushed biscuits and chocolate.

Add biscuits and mix well.

Spread evenly into greased and lined tin 7 x 11in (18 x 27cm)

Chill until firm in frig

Melt chocolate and spread over top.

Chill again until firm and cut into slices.

Can be frozen (if you can keep your hands off them) and taste even better straight from the freezer on a hot day.

Pina Colada with a Fairtrade Twist

Fairtrade pineapple, cut into chunks

Fairtrade coconut, grated

3fl.oz (85ml) double cream

1fl.oz (25ml) Fairtrade rum - use Fairtrade orange juice for a non-alcoholic alternative

handful of ice

Place the ingredients in a blender and blend until combined.

Serve immediately in a glass, decorated with a pineapple wedge - and pretend you're on holiday!

We'll keep changing this section as there are lots more Fairtrade recipes to try and enjoy.